Semi-Bulk Material-Handling System

  Bostik Findley Case Study The case study illustrates how the three companies worked together to design and fine-tune an integrated solution that resulted in a number of benefits for all three companies. In addition to BF’s improved material-handling process, AZC benefits included a solution for the many customer requests for specific, recipe-driven package sizes. […]

Biological Raw Materials

Biological Raw Materials for Culture Media Biological raw materials (peptones, extracts, agar-agar), core ingredients of many culture media, are available from Merck in a considerable variety of products to meet a wide range of industrial microbiology applications. All our peptones, agar-agar and extracts enable optimal performance due to our strict quality control and assurance standards. […]

Manufacturing Aluminium

About Aluminium Aluminium is the most plentiful metal in the earth’s crust. It is found in the form of aluminium oxide in an ore called bauxite. Alumina and bauxite are the two main raw materials in the aluminium making process. Aluminium is obtained by the electrolysis of alumina which extracts pure aluminium metal from alumina. […]