About GST

What are the benefits of the GST? At the simplest level, the GST reduces the number of instances where taxes need to be paid thus reducing the possibility of manipulation on the part of tax authorities and is hence assumed to be a much transparent mode of administering taxes. It will alleviate the burden of […]

Goods and Services bought with credit

overview Under our remit we can deal with certain complaints that involve the quality of goods or services bought using particular types of consumer credit. This is not because we cover suppliers of goods and services under our remit. The businesses we cover provide financial or payment services, or carry on consumer credit activities. Instead, it is […]

Exhibition Stand – 3D Animation

  Photorealistic animations transform complicated ideas into clear visual concepts, our cameras can explore, dissect and flyover places conventional cameras simply can’t go. From a simple sketch on a scrap of paper to AutoCAD and Solid Works we create visualisation that will clearly demonstrate your ideas and concepts Ciara McGahey, Marketing Executive at Inca Digital […]