Biological Raw Materials

Biological Raw Materials for Culture Media

Biological raw materials (peptones, extracts, agar-agar), core ingredients of many culture media, are available from Merck in a considerable variety of products to meet a wide range of industrial microbiology applications.

All our peptones, agar-agar and extracts enable optimal performance due to our strict quality control and assurance standards. The format in which Merck manufactures most of these raw materials is as dehydrated granules. Working with granulated raw materials produces less dust contamination of the laboratory environment. The granules dissolve quickly to ensure optimal flow properties.

Biological Raw Materials

Dehydrated raw materials, such as peptones, agar-agar and extracts, as well as supplements form part of Merck’s extensive portfolio of culture media products for industrial microbiology.

Developing products calls for a resolute focus on customer needs, and product quality begins with the raw materials. Merck’s extensive range of quality controlled culture media ingredients allows manufacturers to produce reliable and user friendly products. Our peptones and extracts are made from selected quality materials for a wide range of microbiological applications. Our agar-agars are manufactured from Gelidium sesquipedale. This ensures the best quality for bacteriological purposes.

The dehydrated raw materials and base materials that Merck manufactures are available mainly in a granulated format for safe handling and optimal performance. Working with granulated raw materials causes less environmental contaminations. The granules dissolve quickly and guarantee optimal flow properties.

Supplements usually need to be added to the selective culture media for isolating or identifying specific microorganisms. As a worldwide leader in industrial microbiology, Merck can provide a wide range of media supplements to ensure reliable performance. Some are available in freeze-dried format for particularly easy preparation and handling.

All our raw materials and culture media supplements combine handling safety and optimal performance. Their production is based on our strict quality control and assurance standards

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